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Beat the Spread Pro Football Pool Contest

It's never to late to sign-up and enjoy this football season. Sign-up Today

  • Let us manage your football pool!

  • Just pick the winner of each game each week with spreads.

  • Great Prizes - Over $1500 in cash and prizes - 100% FREE.

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Week #21 Selections Now Closed

Make Your

Weekly Team Selections Here


Deadline Sunday February 3, 6:30 PM EST is the only place to get every weather forecast, updated twice an hour, for every NFL football game.

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Offers free college and pro football picks.

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Grand Prize Contest 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place

Every Week

$10 $15 * $10 * $5 *

1st Place

Entire Season

Best 13 weeks plus entire playoffs


# 1 (Weeks 1 -  8) $25 $20* $15* $10 *
# 2 (Weeks 9 - 17) $25 $20* $15* $10 *
# 3 (Weeks 18 -21 - Playoffs) $25 $20* $15* $10 *

$25*, $20*, $15*, * $10*, $5* - Discount on any purchase of a Full Price Fantasy Sports Team in any one of our Fantasy Sports Challenges. Discount valid for one year from date of winning. Not to be used or combined with any other discount or promotion. 


Free - Football Pool Style Contest - Absolutely No Cost!.

It's Totally Free! 

Sports betting can take many forms and shapes. But football betting is one of the big games that people bet on. Probably because football is the most popular game in the world. So many people watch and play the game and put money down on there favorite teams. Football pools is one of the best ways to bet because it is fun and random and also can be social.
Let Sportsco Automate your Weekly Football Pool while you compete nationally for great quarterly, end of season, and playoff prizes. 

How to Play!


  • Individual Entry Sign-up - Register Your Entry Here. Sign-ups accepted during the entire football season. Already Signed-up Forgot your League Password? Send Entry Password via Email

  • Create Your League Sign-up - If playing with friends, family, co-workers, etc and you need separate weekly league reports just your group of entries, have your pool administrator Register Your League Here. 

  • Link Your Entry to Your League - Have your league administrator link your entry into your league. Note: Administrator will need your valid email address used at entry sign-up and the League Administrator League Password provided during League Sign-up. Forgot your League Password? Send League Password to Administrator Via Email

  • Official Rules - Please read the official contest rules. Your participation acknowledges your acceptance of the terms of this contest

Weekly Selections

  • Make Your Weekly Team Selections - Each week before the first game of the week, you must make your selections for the upcoming weeks scheduled games. Note the game schedule for any given week will be posted each Tuesday and will be available up to the date and time of the first game of the week. See weekly game schedule. 

A good place for information is this sports and music blog that has lots of original content.


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