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"The Horse Racing contest was excellent. Not many sites offer a game like this. I definitely will be back next year. Sportsco games on an overall are excellent. I compete in Football( Pros and College ), Baseball( HR Derby ), Nascar, Golf, Horse Racing and Basketball when available. Prizes are very reasonable. Customer service is great. I tell and will continue to tell my friends about your site. Sportsco contests are underrated. To me, playing Sportsco games are very interesting but most importantly this site has a very trustworthy and dedicated administrator. Sportsco,in my opinion, is a great site. There is no big propaganda, good competition and again this site is very trustworthy. Thumbs up to you."
Chuck Bombe, Nanticoke, PA.

"Thanks for continuing this great contest. I am going into my forth or fifth year playing. My friends (and family) have our little pool using your SportsCo. We look forward to it every year. Great Job ."
Skip Ulinski, New Port Richey, FL.

"I will continue to play your games as i enjoy the fact you send me reminders to make my picks every week,keep up the great work guys. ."
Russ Tucker, Oshawa, ON.

"Keep up the good work."
John Malvey, Grafton, MA.

"I loved your baseball challenge and I will be back next year. I compete in several of your games, including, Make The Grade College Football Pickem, Beat The Spread Pro Pickem, Iron Man Football Challenge, Golf, College Final four (basketball) Tournament, College Football Bowl and other great contests over the years. I've even won cash prizes from you guy. I am amazed by the fact that I can win money, enjoy competing in sports contests (that truely makes my life so much more interesting), and the most incredible thing of all is it doesn't cost me a dime! I want to thank you guys again for all the fantastic contests you offer that make such a difference in so many lives."
Daniel Leasure , New castle, PA.

"Good contest -will be back next year - good prizes keep up the good work."
Len Jernatowski, Lancaster, NY.

"(I) Love's CFB, NFL, CBB-Men & Women & Horse Racing contests. I've been spreading the word the past few years."
Mike Handzelek, Wyoming, PA.

"(I) Love's CFB, NFL, CBB-Men & Women & Horse Racing contests. I've been spreading the word the past few years."
Mike Handzelek, Wyoming, PA.

"Keep up the great job, I look forward to playing every week."
Steven Finley, Homosassa, FL.

"I appreciate the simplicity (as I) don't have a lot of time to research fantasy teams in detail."
Bob Curran, Fort Collins, CO.

"keep up the good work during our countrys economic turmoil."
Darryl Ambrose, Lincoln City, OR.

"I think its (Sportsco) a really good site and easy to use."
Tell Burke, Bluff City, TN.

"(I) Loved it (Fantasy Golf), seeing as though i won it, (I) definitely loved it. (I) Will be back for sure. I play the football games and the college b-ball game along with the golf game and enjoy them all and pass the word on to friends. Prizes are great, especially since you require no sign up fees, how can you beat that. Thanks again for doing what you do, you do it well. And I look forward to hearing from you on what I need to do to collect my prize. Thanks. ."
P. Chris Wilging, Mansfield, OH.

"(I) loved your HR derby contest and will play again next year for sure. Love your site - hope to see you again next year."
Tom Parilla, Erie, PA.

"As far as the Homerun derby contest (is concerned),I love it. I like it because you can pick your team and you don't have to change it weekly if you do not want to. Its easy to play and a lot of fun. ."
Daniel Tubbs, Dyersburgh, TN.

"Keep up the good work."
Alan Parrish, Longmont, CO.

"Great contests---I love them. Keep up the great work."
Dennis Rima, Dubuque, IA.

"You do a very good job keeping players informed in a timely manner"
Thomas J. Smith, Garner, NC.

"Nice selection of games, all easy to play, and chances of winning aren't miniscule -- I believe I've won 4 - 5 times in your various contests Your responsiveness and customer service is great -- couldn't be better! I do tell my friends about the games, and several have gotten signed up and are now playing. I learned about your games when you took over for the old Pick Four game that I believe another website started 10 years or so ago. I will continue to try to get more friends involved - word of mouth is the best way to do that. I think there are more and more people learning about and now playing So the grass roots efforts are working. I think the site is still underrated. The prizes are still on the low end compared to some of the national sites, but I'm not complaining since I've won four or five times and it seems impossible to win the national sites' contests. Your contests are creative, simple, and fun . So I recommend you keep those elements in your future contests. And we'll keep on enjoying the site!! "
Tim Eichenauer, Toledo, OH.

"Sportsco has great customer service and the only time I have won a prize the payout was quick. "
Dave Breon, Eddyville, IA.

"Its fun to play these fantasy games. I enjoy them. I'll spread the word around so more people play. "
John N.Krupey, Washington, PA.

"I loved the 2009 march madness college basketball tournament contest. It definitely kept my time busy, watching all the games and checking what teams I had winning. Over all I enjoyed my experience with and I'm excited to do it again next year. I would do the Tour De France contest, and definitely a soccer contest (in the future). I did tell some friends, and the all enjoyed it too, my other family members enjoyed it too. Well, I think your website is great, and I might do some other sports, keep up the hard work on your website. "
Andrew Sarokin, Novi, MI.

"Nice Contest. Well Done."
Robb Titchell, Reynoldsburg, OH

"I am not new to the site. I liked the contest. I will be back to play as long as you have games! I played alot of brackets contests, so I didn't specify for that, but I have told my friends about the racing and college football contests, because I won! (I also like very much). I will enter a Triple Crown Horse Racing Free Contest. I love It's a very user-friendly site and the games are alot of fun. I play the free auto racing, free home run derby, free pro football, free college and the baseball game you invited me to be in this year. You do a great job and keep up the good work! When I get my website done, will be on my links page. This is a compliment, I am very picky and only put links to what I consider to be the very best sites. Hope this helps! "
Denise Hanna, Camden, NY

"I think Sportsco is a great website with some excellent contests. "
John Bishop, Toms River, NJ

"I have played for a number of years now The March Madness contest was fun. I enjoy playing the contests on this site."
Norman J. Marchione, Julian, PA.

"Fun and enjoyable."
David L Spannagel, Gig Harbor, WA

"It's a great site, and you get to play in different contests in various sports."
Sharon Boxley, Marlton, NJ

"Very nice site. It keeps in touch with us very nicely. I like that. ."
Donna R. Davis, Weatherford, OK

"Very Good Site."
Scott R Billington, Bakersfield, CA

"Very Good Site."
Scott R Billington, Bakersfield, CA

"I had very good feelings playing the (college) basketball contest. "
Linda Woodward, Vincennes, IN

"I have participated in the NCAA Men's Basketball. Also NFL which had to be the weirdest season of all time.(strange game results). I would definitely be in a Triple Crown Contest as it is my greatest sports passion. I like your site, keep it up! "
John Phillips, Fort Erie, ON

"Hello there. I will be back next year to play March Madness. Thanks very much."
Corey Lubkiwski, Regina, Sask

"I always enjoy your basketball contest. I am a 75 year old female that loves basketball and horse racing, so I am sure I would enter any contest with horseracing. You do a great job with your Contests ."
Sue Hall Mills, West Paducah, KY

"I will definitely be back for Nascar at Sportsco next season. I like the games at Sportsco, especially when the full season is broken down into 5-6 week sub contests. I enjoy the paid contests as well as the free contests. The prize structure is set up so that even if you have a bad week, there is still incentive to come back and give it your best the next week. I have had the opportunity to contact customer service on numerous occasions and the response has always been prompt. I have encouraged my friends to visit and play the games and some have. One of the ways I think you could improve play at the site would be to have some sort of membership with play frequency and longevity benefits for members. Otherwise I really enjoy setting my lineups at Sportsco every week."
Brad Punko, Bloomington, MN

"I think is great ."
Charles T. Smith, Hagerstown, MD

" is a fun site ."
T.W. McCoy, Dublin, GA

"The site is well run."
Mike Allis, Effingham, IL

"Honestly, i love the site and the people who run it do a great job of keeping things up to date. "
Mike Caprarola, Chatham, NJ

"I have a great time with all your contests. I will play whatever you have. I love your site! "
Jeremy Stewart, Rockford, IL

"Overall, very positive. I appreciate the free games even though I just play football and march madness so far. I do need to spread the word, however and shall do so. ."
Rich Firely, Jamison, PA

"I am not new to your site and I enjoyed your contest very much although i didn't do very well lol.. .I just played in the Mens contest and yes I would be very interested in other contests you may offer."
Daniel Smith, Louisville, KY

"Your site is great. -- Keep up the good work. Thanks."
Frank McGovern, Avon By The Sea, NJ

"Great site."
Jeff Thompson, Trabuco Canyon, CA

"If I could pick the teams better, it would have been more enjoyable. I have no complaints about the site and will be back next year the Lord willing. Before I wrote this I signed up for the Pro Football contest. That and the NCAA Mens Tourney are my only true sports interests! The invite link is the best way for us to help you spread the word. is a great site and I Thank You for it."
Tim Loots, Kansas City, MO

"I am not new and I love the site. "
Anthony Goodrum, Palm City, FL

"yes I am new and your site was fun. I played the march madness contest. I may even try your football pools NFL and college. I like the simple pools. you pick em straight up its the fun,nothing complicated. You win you win, you lose you lose, and the overall counts .That's why I liked your march madness contest. "
Bill Forget, Ottawa, ON

"Thank you for giving me a opportunity to play in the Final Four Contest. I enjoyed it so much & hope that I get a Invitation from you next year. I'll check the other Contests out."
Bob Frueh, Ottumwa, IA

"Its lots of fun. Keep up the good work and thanks for the fun. "
Thomas Joyce, Ballston Spa, NY

"Love ya."
Jerome C. Lewis, Houston, TX.

"Yes! I will be back...terrific site and contests "
John L., Dublin, CA

"I play the men and women basketball tournament every year. I enjoy it."
Don Di Pietro, Wellington, FL

"The more contests the better ...Horse racing would be nice; weekly, up to the ky derby ..start in feb ..end in may ... "
Mike Kemper, Franklin, TN.

"Hello, I like your games but I play mostly just the hoop games and always football, so I will definitely be back when NCAA and NFL start up like your site. seeya."
Kevin Johnson, Tacoma WA.

"It's (the college basketball tourney contest) has been fun and well run."
John Shager, Arvada, CO

"Hello, I had a great time following the contest. I didn't do too well this year. I probably would play some other contests. Thanks ."
Richard J. Rebello, Seekonk, MA.

"The site is cool. I will join a few more of your fantasy (contests)."
Nelson Duchesne, Sault Ste Marie, ON

"Thanks for checking in on how I am doing. My bracket is well not doing so good. But I am having fun as anyways. Also thanks for telling me about the other games as I didn't know about them (before). "
Natalie Jowers, Louisville, KY

"For a little guy your doing a GREAT job. Even for a big guy."
Bob Babos, Irvine, CA

"Great site with great contests."
Jeff (no last name given), Kingwood, TX

"I love your contests! I play baseball, football and March Madness too. Thanks for keeping the games free also. I have won a couple times. Keep up the great work and know that I always look forward to the Sportsco games!!!"
Dennis Rima, Dubuque, IA

"I think that this is great! I'm stinking the joint out on my bracket! I love to be a part of this!."
Ed Conley, Lincoln, NE

"Yes I enjoy the March Madness even if I don't win. I like the process. I like the games and I like to keep track of the brackets. Your site helped make March Madness what it is, a lot of fun for everyone."
Joseph Kusnell, Philadelphia, PA

"I am not doing too great,but am having fun following the games when I can. I have been at work and missed a lot, but the brackets give me a way to still enjoy the tournament.I did both the men's and the ladies' brackets. It's nice to keep the women's in there too; I played in high school a long, long time ago.I have been playing with you guy for a few years now. Mostly just the basketball tournaments and some football. I tell all my friends about your site and try to get them to play there too. Keep up the good work. "
Jackie Stacharowski, Surfside Beach, SC

"Thanks for running this site. It's nice to play some free pools."
Corey Olsen, West Chester, PA

"Great job. Keep it up. "
Ash Nangia, Brooklyn, NY

"I have played your Pro Football Pickem for several years now. While I have never picked good enough to ever win a dollar, I look forward to submitting my picks and thinking this may be the week. I hardly ever miss a week. Keep up the great site!!!"
Damon Davie, Cape Girardeau, MO

"This my second year to fill out a tournament bracket with you (and) I have enjoyed it very much. I'm also a huge baseball fan and have signed up for your fantasy baseball league. I've always played or coached, so this is going to be a new experience for me. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play."
Dustin Shoults, Moore, OK

"I always like the info on your site and the contests you run are Lots of fun and I have Never had any problems with the site, links or contests. Thats why I figured I'd let you know on this contest - but I am Most impressed that you cared enough to email back AND you did it like immediately. What Great client support! It's great to be a sports fan!"
Beth Ives, Hudson, FL

"see you next year for sure!! Thanks again for the opportunity! Something about you still being here.....after all this time....with all the crazy things that come and go......I say GOOD FOR YOU!! There is actually a lot of comfort in knowing that some people have been able to hang in there and make it work. I am really happy for you and hope your business enjoys great success. All the best."
Carol Cap, Chatham, NJ

"Love March Madness. It's fun and gives the games a lot more zest. Keep up the great work and I definitely will encourage others to play. Thanks."
Bob La Rocca, Westminster, CO

"I really do like your website. I like playing the NCAA tourney contests even though I do not do very good on them. (Plus these previous comments.) This is wonderful place to do the ncaa and all other sports. Keep me posted on all other sports."
Dottie Cozine, Frankfort, KY

"Enjoying march madness- your site was easy to use, and it makes the games fun to follow. Thanks for your efforts. "
Tommy Petras, Columbia, OH

"I liked (the fantasy racing contest) very much.."
Manny Montoto, Jupiter, FL

"I really enjoyed playing the Fantasy Racing Contest this year. I will definitely be back to the play next year! I like the Sportsco games. The prizes are cool The resposiveness and customer service were timely and friendly. I will certainly tell my friends to play I learned abou Sportsco games thur MSN search engine. I will e-mail my friends and tell them about Sportsco Thanks for letting me play the Sportsco games and keep up the good work."
Merline Glenn, Shreveport, LA

"I really enjoyed playing this nascar game...I will play again next year. I learned of the game from, and my neighbor wants to play next year too. I think the prizes were very generous and fair for a game that cost nothing to play.thank you ..."
Mark Huff, Pearland, TX

"Thanks for being there."
Ron Maxwell, Fairport, NY

Kenneth Kasch, Moss Beach, CA

"Racing was good.I will be back next year."
James Van Wagenen, Ballston Spa, NY

" It was awesome! Wouldn't change a thing :) ."
Robin Palmer, Davenport, IA

"Awesome Fantasy Racing contest. Keep up the good work. "
Tim Burek, Huntersville, NY

"Outstanding Customer Service."
Wallace L. Hall, Silverdale, WA

" I very much enjoyed this game. I sure will be back. I love the games. Thanks for being there for us"
Dave Smith, Olivet, MI


"Good contest! Wish I was picking them better though!”
Judy Marino, Gardnerville, NV

"I am really enjoying playing on this site. I'm still alive in the contest, and thank you for asking. For me, it's more important to play than it is to win. I didn't realize you needed more players. I will tell my firends. ."
Linda (no last name given), Indianapolis, IN

"Your contest is very good-enjoy playing-but the web site is the best - There is so much info that you provide and it so up to date. ”
John Pierog, Poland, OH

"I enjoy the contest.”
Jim Gambone, Orono, MN

"I enjoy the contest. My husband, stepdaughter and son-in-law all participate. I enjoyed it last year though when I won $”
Gina Ulinski, New Port Richey, FL

"Your college football competition is the best- none of the others I've played even come close. By the way, I don't play your pro game - the college game requires all of my energy. It is so good that I cannot even make a suggestion how to make it better. Congrats! ”
John Grugan, Lowell, MA

"I think your pool is great, keep up the good work. I appreciate your hard work.”
Warren Handschin, North Brunswick, NJ

"I love the contest. I also really enjoy the Hit the pin Challenge. Thanks for providing them..”
P. Chris Wilging, Mansfield, OH

"I didn't expect such a rapid or polite response. That was very kind of you. When you get to a point of testing any new pages I will be glad to preview it for you, only if you like."
George Butcher, Unknown Address

"I find your sportsco to be both exciting and invigerating.”
George Sherman, St. Albans, NY

"Your contests are AWESOME! Keep up the great work with them. God bless you. ”
Dennis Rima, Dubuque, IA

"Love the contests. I get to most of them every week. This is one site I will keep on my Favs. ”
Michael Locy, Appleton, WI

"You are doing a GREAT job. Keep up the good work ”
Earl D. Wallace, Hazel Crest, IL

"I really enjoy playing even though I'm not doing well at all! It's still fun to play though!”
Karen Kurimsky, Murrells Inlet, SC

" Enjoyed the Sportco site. I found your golf game to be interesting, > different than ones on other golf/sports sites, and a lot of fun. ”
Joseph Kaczvinsky, Cincinnati, OH

"Of the four contest I joined this year, you were the second best. ”
Dave Hester, Elkhorn, NE

"Love your contests. Keep doing the same great job!”
Carl Lindecrantz, Waterloo, IA,

"Your contest is much better.”
Louie DePuydt, South Range, MI

"I did enjoy the contest. Thanks very much.”
John Turner, Ottawa, ON

"Love the site -- I play just about everything and have won money two or three times. (plus these previously noted comments)..Keep up the great work. Your participants are growing steadily because you do things right! ”
Tim Eichenauer, Toledo, OH

Michael Pitts, Long Beach, CA

"Your contests are better. I like the smaller schools games in your (college football) contests. ”
Lester Royer Jr., Salome, AZ

Wayne Schwartzman, Hancock, WI

"Enjoy the contest very much and look forward to playing next year .”
Ron Gift, Richmond, VA

"I, along with my wife, would just like to say THANK YOU for these contests that you put on. We really enjoy sports contests and sports betting but with three children it is hard to do the contests that cost money. We look forward to every Wednesday night for golf, every Saturday for College football, every Sunday for NFL football and then either Saturday or Sunday for NASCAR. Keep up the GREAT work! Thanks Again.”
Scott Neuroth, Webster City, IA

"Your beat the spread contest by far is the best contest I have ever participated in. I will return next year with my entire office group and my wife and her office joined this year as well. I actively recruit yearly within my company and as of this year we have 157 employees that have joined in so far over the last two seasons. My company employees over 1500 people in New Jersey alone. So hopefully the word we have put out there will pick up and take root in the upcoming year. I am currently placing your company's information within our inter office website where in all employees will have access to the best football pool on the planet. Playing Sportsco is not only enjoyable but you keep the site updated accurately and also offer very detailed instructions and updates throughout the season. You are a sports genius and I thank God for your service. ESPN and Sportsco are like a major religion for me. I will be with you for life. I have no advice on what you need to do to improve upon perfection, of all the pick-em and beat the spread options on the web today you stand head and shoulders above any alternative. I know within the next few seasons you will be a household name. Continue doing what has made you great, and continued success in all your endeavors.”
Anthony L. Givens, Hackensack, NJ

"I look forward to your contests every year. i am a player for life. the best thing is the email reminders every week. I'm into so many fantasy games that i lose track. Thanks for your time and help. ”
Wayne Hugli, West Haven, CT.

"I really enjoy your contests”
David Curtis, Kernersville, NC .

"Thanks for your prompt response as I received the check today. You have a great website and the Sportsco associates have shown fantastic service. Continued success to all of you and Sportsco!”
Dave Breon, Eddyville, IA.

"I really enjoyed the pick em this year ! Thanks so much for running this for us. We appreciate it! ”
Ron Kurimsky, Penfield, NY.

"Enjoyed the contest and will play again. No issues with the site or selection process. I do play your football pools and am always looking for free contests to play that don't take too much time to work on and adds interest to following the games and this works well.Thanks and keep up the good work.”
Dave DeShane, Tottenham, ON.

"This is a great contest. Do not think anyone else offers it. Your site is great.”
"Pumkin", Parker, CO.

"Very easy (to play) ”
Josephine Bennett, Toronto, ON.

"Keep up the great work! ”
Tim Eichenauer, Toledo, OH.

"Have enjoyed playing - even won one week. ”
Robert Curran, Fort Collins CO.

"I enjoyed the contest. It was great. Good format. I found it easy to navigate the site. No problems for me. Easy to make selections. No problems. And I liked that I could go back in after the deadline to see my selections. This contest has a totally different format from others and to be honest, that is enjoyable. I don't like all contests to be the same (pick players based on a salary cap, etc...) I would love to play both a mens and womens golf contest. I would definitely play both. Womens contests are few and far between. Definitely will play again, and hopefully a couple of friends will play as well. Thanks for the game. I loved it this year.”
Ken Nichols, Austin, TX.

"You can choose who you want with no price restrictions. Great contest and a super site....lots of info”
Todd Jorgensen, Manti, UT.

"(Contests) are as good as I have seen. Thanks again for running this site. Start golf in January. It has been a lot of fun. I will be dong the basketball contest as well”
Kevin D., Idaho Falls, ID.

"Enjoyed The Game Very Much”
Dave Hunt, Belleville,ON

"Great Site. Thank You”
George Andrikokus, Glenview,IL.

"You Have A Great ....Enjoyable Site!...Received my checks.........wish to thank you really happy wiih your guys are doing a great job in fantasy sports .......keep up the great work.”
Wayne Schwartzman, Hancock, WI.

"This is awesome! I can’t believe I actually won this week. I sure enjoy both your Hit the Pin Fantasy Golfing Challenge and Victory Lane Racing Challenge. I hope that you have some more free contests for the upcoming NFL and NCAA college football seasons. Thanks for all the great work you guys do and keep it up!”
Scott Neuroth, Webster City, IA.

"What a great surprise to hear I won. I have enjoyed playing this game for the second season. I started playing this game to see how I could match up with other players. All the people at Victory Lane are the true winners for making this happen. What a great idea you have brought to to us. May you and all involved get the checker flag for a great winning idea.”
Ed Courington, Sylacauga AL

"(Your game is a)very good game. (I) found it last year. (I) will keep playing and telling friends about you .”
WM Harvey, Rockville, TN

"I really enjoy your football pools. Great job as always I will play 100% next year.I want to play sports pools all the time (the ones that I follow that is).”
Vincenzo Marzilano, Downsview, ON

"Enjoyed it. Will play again next year.I want to play more free contests.”
Charles Salisbury, York, PA.

"Enjoyed the contest.Will be back next year.”
Jon Sol, Tillsonburg, ON.

"Enjoyed the contest very much.”
Josephine Bennett, Toronto, ON.

"Simple contest, no luck involved. Either you pick right or you don't. Prizes aren't great, but the entry fee of $0 can't be beat.”
Willim Wagner, Margate, FL.

"I enjoyed the contest this year.”
Jamie Jones, La Gaguna, CA.

"Definitely will be back next year”
Mike Y., Oviedo, FL.

"I enjoyed the contest. I will play again next year for sure. No suggestions, you're doing a fine job. I am interested in other free contets, yes. Thank you for letting me participate. ”
Chuck Valentine, South Glastonbury, CT.

"Yes, I enjoyed playing and will play again next year. I think it's fine the way it is. As for more contests, how about a weekly college basketball pool picking winners on the weekend games against the spread?”
Dave DeShane, Tottenham, ON.

"Since I won the playoff round, and am looking forward to receiving my prize, I'd be very silly to say I didn't enjoy the contest! It was lots of fun and I'll definitely be back next year! Thank you!”
Jim Sullivan, Watertown, MA.

"I liked the contest alot; especially on the weeks that I won, but your contests are great. Keep doing things the way you are, everything if fine. You can count me in for next year. I play all your contests . Have More and different prizes”
Carl Lindecrantz, Waterloo, IA.

"yes i have enjoyed the football spread game as well as the homerun hitters for baseball and u can count on me playing again this year.”
Don Shontz, Franklin, PA.

"I really did enjoy playing sportsco football. I would enjoy hearing about other contests and will certainly join again next year.”
Myrna-Jean Babbings, Glen Ewen,SASK

"yes enjoyed the contest and yes I will play again, thanks.”
Larry Turk Washington, IN.

"you bet I enjoyed the contest. You bet I will be back next year.”
Marie Molden Sterling Heights, MI.

"yes - I enjoyed the contest and anticipate playing next year”
Randy Roelofson, Las Vegas, NV.

"The games were great. Has a lot of fun -- Please have it again next year. Thanks”
Frank Jerzmac, Avon, NJ.

"yes, I enjoyed it very much and will play next year also.thanks.”
M. McGovern, Avon, NJ.

"I enjoyed the contest.”
Michael J.Handzelek, Wyoming, PA.

"Contest was fun.”
Ted White, Winnipeg, MN.

"Yes I did enjoy the site and contests very much and yes I will be back to play the football contest as well as any other contest your site has to offer. ”on
John Lahommedieu, Dublin, CA.

"Thanks for running the contests!”
Rich Firely, Jamison, PA.

"I already participate in the pro and college football contests and the NCAA tourney contest. Thank you for providing these opportunities.”
Anton Allen, Chesapeake, VA.

"I will do everything I can to help you get more individuals interested in your great contests. Again, I thank you.”
Gary Bevington, Alliance, OH.

"Love your (Beat The Spread) Contest”
Larry Fritschel, Stow, OH.

"This is great,I never expected to win anything but then I won the Victory Lane Racing Challenge! I have all kinds of fun playing your games,Thanks again.”
Dave Hunt, Ontario, Canada

"I have had a terrific time playing your games. Please keep them coming and keep up the great job.”
Chuck Bombe, Nanticoke, PA.

"Playing fantasy sports is a great challenge. There are many good players out there. With the Sportsco challenge every thing seems like it is so easy since you are just picking any players without any salaries, but it is actually more difficult. Since most people have the same big name players, its the subtle changes made weekly by looking at the schedule that makes the difference. Playing someone like julius jones of dallas rather than some of the backs that had clinched the playoffs the last few weeks was a key for example. Sportsco makes making changes so easy. With the scroll page and confirmation page a player is sure the changes are in and correct. I have played and done well in almost all the challenges out there including the cdmsports challenges, but i look forward to and focus most on sportsco challenges because of their game and the no nonsense quick payment of winnings which is unlike other challenges who make you wait for your winnings. Not to make this a commercial, but if you are looking for a fair and relatively cheap challenge to play, sportsco is the way to go for both baseball and football.”
Paul P. Mallia, Farmington, CT

"I've been playing some of the contests on the site for several years and enjoy it very much. Thanks so much!... ”
Joe Dintino, Lansdale, PA

"I have thoroughly enjoyed High Heat Fantasy Baseball from Sportsco this spring and summer. It is the first time I have done fantasy baseball under this type of format and I love it. I have already signed up for two teams for the Iron Man Fantasy Football Challenge and can’t wait to kick it off. Sportsco has our results posted when stated and I appreciate your quick responses when I have had questions. You have a satisfied customer here.”
Rob Edgerton, Germantown, TN

"I feel that Sportsco has fulfilled all of my expectations and beyond. I will be looking forward to next year and I will invite my friends to play also."
Terry D. White, Dallas TX

"Great football challenge. Great site."
Ron J Birtch, Laguna Niguel CA

"I enjoy your contest.Keep up the good work. "
John Kirk, Kermit WV

"I love the games. I Just found your site not too long ago. Waiting for GOLF and NASCAR fantasy to start up. Do not like to use Credit Card info on Internet. I Would send in a check by mail however for chance to play. "
Michael Locy, Appleton WI

"Great job with your free game site! Keep up the great work and I will join you again next year."
Bill DeCray, Allentown PA

"Personally.I thought the site was very well constructed and I definitely would like to play in it again next year. ..I really enjoyed playing on your site and plan on playing again next year. "
Vern Park, Raleigh NC

"I think you guys do a great job. "
Vincent Laurentino, Atlanta GA

"I really enjoyed participating in the challenge all year and am looking forward to being in it next year! I only wish I knew about the pro football playoffs and college footbowl contests because I would've partipated in those also. I'll get in the pros next week. It's been a great time so far! Happy New Year to all !!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ed Leheny, Aliquippa PA

"It doesn't get much more Fun than this!"
Jeremy "Doc" Moore, Saint Marys WV

" I am a firm believer in If you don't play, you can't win. This year I participated in every football contest I could find.I found the contests of Sportsco: simple, easy and the reminder was invaluable in keeping the contest up to date. Thanks "
Orion Turner

"Had lots of fun playing this year. Thank you and see you next year"
Peter Batin, Watsonville CA

"Enjoyed playing this year. even though I'm not big on the spread. Have a great year."
Dean Nicolson, Rankin TX

"The group at get back to you right away with answers to questions that are concise and to the point. This quality makes them superior to most fantasy sports sites. I have been playing their free and paid games for two years. Stats are always properly updated on time or earlier than promised and prizes are paid out quickly. Keep it up Sportsco."
J. Morisselli, Boston MA.


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