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Online casinos are one of the great inventions of the information age. If you live in a state with no casinos, then internet gambling allows you to enjoy your hobby without traveling hundreds of miles.

Playing online is great. You don't have to fight crowds or long lines. If you aren't a smoker, there's no need to enter a smoke-filled room. And there are no dealers standing around expecting a tip every few minutes.

You enjoy your favorite casino games in the comfort of your own home. Imagine how lucky we are, that we live in a time when we can play real casino games just a few feet away from our refrigerators.

That being said, casinos are intimidating for some new players. So here is an intro to online casinos, which should help you find your way around when you decide to become an internet gambler.

Choose the Type of Interface

There are two basic types of interfaces for your computer. If you are like me, you don't know or want to know too much about this kind of technical jargon. So let me be simple about it. You have two choices: downloadable games and Java games.

Java allows you to play immediately. These are played through your browser without having to download anything. You simply hit the Java option and start to play at the online casino.

Downloadable software has several advantages over Java, though. Once you take the time to download the software, the downloadable games tend to be faster. Their graphics are better and you have better sound quality. So if you prefer the best quality of connection, you probably want to go with a downloadable game.

Remember that you have access to the same games through a download or Java.

Open an Online Casino Account

You will need a credit or debit card to open an account at most online casinos.

Casino Sign Up Bonuses

Many casinos offer sign up bonuses which match your initial deposit. This bonus is sometimes up to 50% of your deposit. There are usually minimum and maximum deposits benchmarks for this bonus.

Generally speaking, you will need to wager this bonus a certain number of times before it can be removed from your account. This keeps playing from signing up for the bonus, then simply cashing out at a profit.

Unless you are in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, most live casinos are the only show in town. Especially when we are talking about Indian casinos, there might be hundreds of miles away from their nearest competitor. This means that live casinos tend to maintain a large house edge. That isn't the case with online casinos.

Online casinos have many competitors, so they tend to offer better expectations than live casinos. Their bonuses and comps are highly competitive, which is an advantage for internet gamblers everywhere. Many casinos will not allow bonuses played on games like video poker.

The Games

Online casinos have all the games which you will find at a live casino. Table games like poker, blackjack, roulette and craps are available. Poker variants like Caribbean stud poker, Pai Gow poker and Three-Card poker are also available.

Over the past ten years, the internet casinos have improved their product dramatically. The online casino really does simulate the best that a land-based casino has to offer. With real-time interfaces and the inclusion of instant messaging and chat rooms, you get the feel of a live casino in the comfort of your own home. If you like to talk to your table mates during the poker hand, you can use the IM feature to send messages to your opponents.

Slots and video poker are probably the most like their live counterparts. Because slot machine players tend to prefer isolation, the online slots player finds little or no distinction between the online and live versions of their chosen game. In fact, if the point is to be able to gamble away from the sound and fury of the table games, online slots games are superior to their live counterparts in every way.

Online Casino Customer Service

Many online casinos offer 24/7 customer service. This is because they serve gamblers all over the globe. There is no night time in online gambling. Frankly, there are no holidays, either.

Cashing Out at Online Casinos

If you intend on becoming a regular at an online casino, it is better to keep your money in the account. Remember that it is only one account per credit card at an online casino, so there are no multiple accounts to multiply your sign up bonuses.

Once you do cash out, it may take some time to have the money transferred to your account. Not only will the online casino need time to process the transaction, but your credit card company will need to do the same. This might take a number of weeks. Debit cards might be five times quicker than credit cards in this way. Stay up to date with cash out options a the Gamblecraft gambling news section.

Casino Licensing

The best online casinos receive licenses from a variety of jurisdictions worldwide. The more common license givers are the Antigua Barbuda, Gibralter and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission out of Canada. Look for these and similar licensing entities to know your online casino is legitimate.

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